The roads have changed.
the journey has not.

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JAWA. since 1929.

Estabilished by František Janeček, in former Czechoslovakia, JAWA earned the hearts of hundreds of thousends people all over the world. 

During its almost hundred-year history, JAWA had to overcome many obstacles – nazi direction and secret production, communists overtake and nationalization… But JAWA managed to shine bright among the world motorcycle brands and not many can compete with Jawa when it comes to motorcycle sports. JAWA machines have participated in every discipline of motorcycle sport and many world champions have ridden JAWA motorcycles.

JAWA is now returning to the roots with the recreation of the most famous classic motorcycles.

Why India? 

During the 60ties Jawa was first introduced in India where a production of Jawa motorcycles under licence took place. That´s when the Indian Jawa cult began and following the catchfrase at the time “Forever Bike, Forever Value” the cult still continues.

In 2016 the partnership with India was renewed when Mahindra Ltd. and Jawa started a new collaboration. First three new Jawa models were soon born… 

Jawa Pérák

This new 350 cc machine has inherited the lines of it´s grandfather – Jawa 250 Pérák, a war born rebel.
And with the fine touch of Pininfarina we are today able to enjoy this stylish bobber.

Jawa 300 CL

You can never go wrong with the forever classic look of Jawa 300 CL. The polished chrome and retro curves will never go out of style.